Prince Style had come in to being in the year 1994, from a small shop in the middle of Muktsar town. The proprietor Mr. Manpreet Singh was always an aspiring, hard-working and creative young man. He had inherited this trait from his father Mr. Sukhdev Singh. His knack for quality work and attention to the slightest detail has gone a long way from making him the proprietor of a small shop to the proud owner of the most elite store in the entire Malwa region.

He had first created his signature Muktsaria Kurta-Pyjama designs about fifteen years ago. The same has now become popular in not just Punjab but also in the neighboring states of Haryana and Rajasthan. In Chandigarh, the fashion capital of North India, Prince Style Kurta Pyjamas give a good run for money to any popular national or international brand.

The shy owner of this store shares a lot of credit with his team of individually selected craftsmen. Manpreet Singh likes to give a personal touch to each design and outfit. His clientele includes the who's who from all walks of life. Famous politicians, sportsmen, business men, singers and actors are a regular sight of his store.

The father son duo eagerly awaits all the fashion and quality conscious customers all the time.